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5 Wedding Planning Tips for Seniors - Yahoo Voices

Wedding planning is challenging regardless of age, but many seniors face additional challenges when they decide to tie the knot. Consider these five wedding planning tips to reduce stress during the wedding planning process.

Dealing with Discouragement

Some vendors aren't accustomed to serving senior citizen vendors. While it isn't the most professional behavior on their part, you may receive some surprise from them.

Surprisingly, many of your senior citizen peers may also discourage you from getting married. Many senior couples choose to maintain relationships-but not marry. The decision to marry in older age might also surprise younger friends and relatives.

Anticipate this discouragement. To avoid drama during your wedding planning process, think about these negative reactions as you begin your wedding planning. While you shouldn't make excuses for your life choices, phrases such as "I'm so fortunate to have found love later in life" can repair an awkward conversation easily.


If many of your guests are also seniors, consider accessibility. Many seniors have difficulty walking or require the use of canes and wheelchair ramps. Be sure to select a facility that includes these features.

If you're inviting guests from retirement communities and nursing homes, understand that some may have difficulty with acquiring transportation too far from their location. For this reason, you may wish to consider locations close to these facilities. This is also a good reason to have your wedding and reception in one location.

When my husband and I married, our venue location was limited because we won our wedding. Unfortunately, my grandparents were unable to endure the trip to the ceremony, which was over two hours by car.

Avoid Scams

Senior citizens are commonly victims of fraud. My grandparents get calls from would-be scammers all the time. Many wrongdoers assume senior citizens are easy targets-and you need to prove them wrong.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests avoiding scams with careful research. When you need extra info as regards to leather wedding photo albums head to http://www.mydreamwedding.ie/ or maybe MyDreamWedding directly.You should check for referrals and use vendors who come personally recommended.

For recommendations, consider using the following reputable websites:

Use the Web

Beyond investigating whether wedding vendors are reputable, you can use the Internet to locate vendors. Many websites even offer free wedding planning tools.

When I planned my wedding, I found that the Internet was my best resource after personal recommendations. While I did make the mistake of contacting a tailor online without doing additional research, I located vendors and then checked reviews. Most of my experiences were very positive.

If you've found this article, you already have the skills necessary to do a web search. Try searching for local phrases such as "wedding reception sites in Philadelphia, PA."

Second Wedding

Although second weddings are more common, there is still a http://www.dinodirect.com/fashion-jewelry/ stigma attached to planning a second wedding, regardless of your age. When I was planning my second wedding, I received a slew of questions about my first wedding-and my former husband. When I was making a decision about my wedding, one friend even said, "You already got a wedding, so you're lucky to have a second one."

If you're planning a second wedding, you should consider whether you'll embrace or ignore the traditional guidelines about second weddings. These traditions can include wearing subtle wedding dress for the second wedding or having a smaller reception.

If you're a widow or widower, you should also consider speaking to your deceased partner's extended family before making a public announcement.


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